Bail Case Analysis No. 2: How to deal with unexpected applications to revoke bail (Gloury-Hyde)

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With the advent of the Schedule 1 & 2 compelling reasons or exceptional circumstances tests the risk of grave injustice is high. As practitioners we probably all know the various and multiple blunt injustices that can occur when people are arbitrarily placed in ‘exceptional circumstances’ for crimes that ultimately are

When will the Victorian Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 commence?

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Further to my post about  the proposed reforms to Victorian Residential Tenancies legislation (see:, the Victorian State Government has now passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018. 

The reforms number more than 130 allegedly providing increased protections for renters, while ensuring rental housing providers can still effectively manage their properties.

As a result,

The last warning shot: family violence and strangulation

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Strangulation is sometimes fatal, often causes permanent injury and is a strong predictor of future violence and death. What are the current laws and strategies in place to deal with strangulation in family violence cases?